Is UA for You?

UA Canada, the union of piping professionals, is one of the most respected building trades unions in North America. When companies need experts in the fabrication, installation, maintenance, and servicing of pipes, they turn to us. Because UA members have a reputation for professionalism, excellence, and integrity.

Does that sound like you? If so, you belong with us — whether you’re a qualified steamfitter-pipefitter, plumber, instrumentation technician, sprinklerfitter, HVACR mechanic, metal trades worker, pipe welder, or another specialty certified journeyperson in the piping industry.

On the jobsite, you want to be working with people who you know have your back. That’s what you get in the UA. We’re more than representation. We’re a collective of people working beside you. Men and women who are dedicated to their trades and are top-notch professionals in their field, same as you.

While you’re busy building Canada, we’ll be making sure you have the pay, training, security, and quality of life you deserve. Join the UA and become one of 53,000 members (and growing) who are building a better life with us.