Trading in helmets for hard hats

We help military vets build their life.

Canada’s military veterans deserve the best, after serving our country and putting themselves in harm’s way in an effort to protect the freedom of Canadians and people around the world.

Yet, one of the biggest challenges they face is transitioning back to civilian life and finding fulfilling, stable employment. Helmets to Hard Hats is a program that helps military vets get into jobs in the building and construction trades.

The trades are often an ideal place for military veterans to find work. It’s challenging, it’s skilled work, it’s practical and rewarding. And in the UA, you get camaraderie that’s second to none.

UA Canada has been helping military vets get into the trades for many years. Since WWI in fact. Vets have many of the skills and personal traits needed to succeed in the trades. Watch this video and learn more about this excellent program and what one local is doing to make sure Canada’s veterans get what they deserve